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The Summer Thunder Chinese Music Ensemble is an ensemble located in Tucson, Arizona and consists of community members. We enjoy playing and exploring Chinese music as well as introducing the Tucson community to the great music that is Asian music. We do this through various community performances at the local 17th Street Farmer's Market, the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center, and other venues.

If you are a member or director of a Chinese Music Ensemble, we'd love to hear from you. Chinese music is a rare thing in the United States and we want to do all we can to encourage its growth. Please visit our links page for links to other Chinese music ensembles around North America.

If you live in the Tucson area, and are interested in learning Chinese traditional instruments, please visit the University of Arizona Music Club and Purple Bamboo Ensemble.

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At the top of the page you can find links to various pages within our site. We have a calendar and news page that gives info about upcoming and past performances and events as well as pictures. In order to give an introduction to Asian music, we also have pages with examples of the music we are playing, as well as descriptions, pictures and video of the Asian instruments we play.