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Summer Thunder Music Club Media

From this page you can find our various pages that contain information and media used by our music club.
On the Music page, we have sheet music for the various pieces that we have played in the past, or are currently playing. Additionally, you can find audio examples of those pieces.
On the Picture Gallery page, you will find pictures taken at most of our performances.
On the Videos page, you can find video recordings of us playing at different performances. As we record these performances, we will continue to post them here.
On the Chinese Instrument page, you can find descriptions and pictures of the various Chinese traditional instruments that are used in Chinese music. Many of these instruments are represented in our ensemble.
On the Japanese Instrument page, you can find descriptions and pictures of some Japanese traditional instruments.
We also have the obligatory links page with links to other Asian music websites. Please visit them for more information about Asian music and instruments in general.